Hospital Storytelling Workshops

For many patients and people with life-long disabilities, telling or writing their story is what helps them to cope and thus improve their overall well-being, confidence and sense of acceptance in the community.

Through a generous grant from the FDC Foundation, Tellin’ Tales launched the Hospital Storytelling Workshops in 2017.  It is designed to serve children with traumatic illnesses and injuries and/or those requiring continual/long-term care and physical therapy.  During that workshop, the children learn how to turn their personal story into a short written or performance piece for family, hospital staff and friends.

To date stories have ranged from gratitude for being adopted to overcoming pain, from how to stop rumors of an amputation to finding hope as a disabled dancer.  All very positive in their telling and empowering stories.

Our sincerest thanks to the FDC Foundation for their support and encouragement.

Enthusiastic young storyteller at Advocate Children’s Hospital
Enthusiastic young storyteller at Advocate Children’s Hospital