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Graphic for The Isolation Diaries

Join Our Young Adult Writers With and Without Disabilities for a Reader’s Theater Performance

The current restrictions due to Covid-19 have created a situation where people have to find a new way to connect and create community.  Our hope is that in each of three 30-minute episodes you will find something that you can connect and relate to.

Zoom Watch Parties will be held on the following schedule:

Episode One: No Way To Come Up For Air

Watch the replay here

Featuring Stories By:

Isolation by Jack Gehringer
Raining on the Inside by Mary Pfaff
The Swollen Cheek by Anja Ross
Fourth Grade by Saleem Ross
A Letter to Miles by Molly Wiesman

Episode Two:  No Physical Scars to Show my Pain

Watch the replay here

Featuring Stories By:

ICU Blue by Tim Bannon
The Cherry Blossom Child by Lee Buell
Remembering A Time by Anja Herrman
Skylar’s Talent Show by Leah Rhodes

Episode Three: Hang On

Watch the replay here

Featuring Stories By:

The Case of the Isolated Hypochondriac by Sarah Schechtman-Thale
The Dark Room by Tiernan Tajalli
How I felt Inside and Out by Dominika Tamley


THE MENTORS: Molly Wiesman, Jack Gehringer, Lee Buell, Sarah Schechtman-Thale, Stephen Donart THE DIRECTOR: Stephen Donart and Molly Wiesman COVER ART: Lee Buell

All performances are FREE

PostponedUnfortunately due to COVID-19 we are postponing our benefit. Our followers, donors and participants mean the world to us and please know we are here still here for you! To learn more about how we’re staying connected please go this link.



“I feel that Six Stories Up has had a huge impact on Tiernan’s childhood. He tried one or two programs before but never went back after the first week because he felt like he didn’t fit in. He now calls himself an actor and feels that the program has shown him there’s nothing he can’t do.” —Daphne Tajalli

As you can see with Tiernan, and so many others, Tellin’ Tales Theatre’s programs helps mold the futures of our participants. You can support our mission with your time as a volunteer or ambassador, with a financial gift or through in-kind contributions. Please consider making a gift to Tellin’ Tales now.  85% of all donations go directly to the mission.


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