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EveryBody has a story!

Tellin’ Tales Theatre recognizes the beauty in sharing one’s personal story.  All productions are original and based on people’s personal experiences.  Their humor, and humanity, touch us all.

Posted here are original stories for your reading pleasure and videos from various shows.  Check back on a regular basis to see new material every other month.

So grab some popcorn, relax and enjoy the show(s)!

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One mother of a son with disabilities shared this with founder and Artist Director Tekki Lomnicki:

Tellin’ Tales gave my son the opportunity to tell his story to a compassionate and caring adult mentor.  He participated for 2 years, and both times was able to use his own experiences in his writing, and hence he grew tremendously.  In particular, the second year he participated, he and his mentor worked together to create a story drawn in large part from his own experiences participating in sports.  He was proud to invite many of his team members and coaches to see the show, and they were all so impressed with the performance.


For me, the performance was only part of it though.  The process of working on the story, practicing and meeting other kids and adults with and without disabilities, was a major aspect of what I love about Tellin’ Tales.  We wouldn’t miss the upcoming show for anything!

Birdy Holzmueller, Nov 10, 2014