Six Stories Up In The Deep Blue Sea

Part education, part magic—our Six Stories Up mentoring program teams six Chicago middle school children with six professional storytelling mentors. What is unique about our particular program is that it includes both children and mentors with disabilities. Other groups mix children with and without disabilities with the use of “shadowing”, whereas the able-bodied child acts as a guide to the child with a disability, Tellin’ Tales educates and trains all the actors so they function on an equal playing field— for life changing results. Because of the intimacy of the group, we are able to take the time to draw out the specific abilities of each child and empower him or her to shine.

Each adult/child team works together for six weeks to write a 10-12 minute theater piece on an assigned theme, which is often a curriculum topic. Each team is encouraged to sprinkle their scene with personal stories to help them connect to the theme. The entire group comes together to weave the pieces into a full-length show, which is beautifully produced with original music, fanciful masks and innovative sets—also created by mentor/apprentice teams. Eager audiences of all ages pack into a professional theatre for our two-week run.

This year’s the apprentices and their mentors will plunge into the mysteries of the seas.

Six Stories Up in the Deep Blue Sea
Filament Theatre
4041 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
November 8-10 & 15-17

If your middle school student is interested in participating in Six Stories Up please e-mail Tekki at

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