Past Shows

2019 Six Stories Up in the Deep Blue Sea Filament Theatre
2019 Divercity 2019 Prop Thtr
2019 Come Hell or High Water LifelineTheatre
2018 Six Stories Up in Climate Change Filament Theatre
2018 Divercity 2018 Prop Thtr
2018 Apocalyptic Be Bop LifelineTheatre
2017 Six Stories Up in Haunted Chicago Filament Theatre
2017 Letting Go Lifeline Theatre
2017 Divercity 2017 Prop Thtr
2017 Metamorphosis Prop Thtr
2017 Bad Decisions Lifeline Theatre
2016 Six Stories Up in a Snowstorm Athenaeum Theatre
2016 Freedom Out of Order Harris Theatre
2016 Classroom Drama Prop Thtr
2016 Teacher, I Love You Prop Thtr
2016 20th Anniversary Retrospective Roosevelt University
2016 Divercity Prop Thtr
2015 Six Stories Up in the Art Institute Athenaeum Theatre
2015 Monsters Under the Bed Prop Thtr
2015 Phobias Prop Thtr
2015 Divercity Frontier Theatre
2014 Six Stories Up in Equality Athenaeum Theatre
2014 Food for Thought Prop Thtr
2013 Six Stories Up, Up & Away Athenaeum Theatre
2013 Bases Loaded Prop Thtr
2012 Six Stories Up in the Windy City Athenaeum Theatre
2012 Bad Trips Prop Thtr
2011 Six Stories Up on Mt. Olympus Greenhouse Theater
2011 Whatever Gets You Through the Night Prop Thtr
2010 Six Stories Up on Ellis Island Prop Thtr
2010 A Midsummer Night’s Dreamers Prop Thtr
2009 Six Stories Up in the Economy Prop Thtr
2009 In Your Facebook Prop Thtr
2008 Six Stories Up in Peace Irish American Heritage Center
2008 Potholes on the Path to Enlightenment Live Bait Theater
2007 Six Stories Up in Wonderland Viaduct Theater
2007 Shrink Live Bait Theater
2006 Six Stories Up in the Ozone Live Bait Theater
2006 Body Language Live Bait Theater
2005 Six Stories Up on Mt. Everest The Storefront Theater
2005 Blurred Vision: The Relapse Live Bait Theater
2004 Six Stories Up on Capitol Hill Chernin Center for the Arts
2004 Blurred Vision Live Bait Theater
2003 Six Stories Up in Pediatrics Children’s Memorial Hospital
2003 Detours Victory Gardens Theater
2002 Six Stories Upside Down Blue Rider Theater
2002 Sibling Revelry Prop Theater
2001 Six Stories Up in Outer Space Blue Rider Theater
2001 2001: A Wedding Odyssey Elmhurst College
Live Bait Theater
2000 Six Stories Up in the Treetops Blue Rider Theater
2000 Honor Thy Father Blue Rider Theater
1999 Six Stories Up on a Rooftop Victory Gardens Theater
1998 Six Stories Up Blue Rider Theater
1997 Tall Tales & Small Miracles St. Charles Art & Music Festival
Live Bait Theater
1996 Alchemy Blue Rider Theater
1996 Honor Thy Mother Blue Rider Theater
1995 Show of Strength Zebra Crossing Theater
1994-5 When Heck Was a Puppy Blue Rider Theater
American Blues Theater